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Contact the Here in Holland podcast today and get involved - contact logoPodcasting is fun
Contact me and have your say in the English podcast for the Netherlands – Here in Holland.

Whats App comment and story line 06 124 28 387 – send your anecdotes via Whats App audio messaging and I’ll package the best into a crowdsourced podcast. Text is ok too. – you can send story tips and comments here too.

There are lots more podcast resources on my website

Check my new podcast – World of Podcast, coming soon.

I also offer a range of podcast services for companies, non-profits and individuals from training and editing services to concept development and full productions check out my website

Here in Holland on Facebook – this is also a great place to get in touch and share your feedback and thoughts on life in the Netherlands.

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The podcast
Each week the Here in Holland podcast brings you interviews for tips and advice on getting the most out of life in the Netherlands and there are great stories too from internationals just like you.

These stories are at times funny and at times moving – let’s face it, it’s not always a bed of tulips. By sharing these stories, less fresh tulips and all, then life here will seem just that bit more doable.

And podcast time = you time. It’s a great way to unwind, take a walk or go cycle and stick in your ear buds and listen while you are doing your stuff.

And there are many podcasts to choose from  – whatever you are in to then there wil be a podcast for you. And if you want me to cover a certain topic here in the Netherlands then give me a shout.

I am always looking for good ideas and interviewees so don’t be shy – there are so many ways to get in touch that there really is now excuse.

And more and more people are listening to podcasts – it is having a big revival. Just check this recent Linked In survey  on who is into podcasting.

I also work in Dutch offering production, training and coaching. I do this together with Richard den Haring through this website  – see what podcasting can do for your company or organisation. Or follow a training to start your own podcast.

Richard also has great website with an overview of the Dutch podcast world.

Andy Clark at  +31 (0) 651604027