Expats is it time to trade in your passport and go Dutch?

Will you go Dutch?Will you give up your passport and go Dutch?

Long-term expat? Are you considering giving up your nationality and going Dutch?

People sometimes accuse expats of living in a privileged bubble and not really taking part in Dutch society.

What do you think – should expats give up their original passports and go Dutch?

Is this a show of commitment?

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Expats is it time to trade in your passport and go Dutch?

Taking the step to become a Dutch citizen is a big one – for some people it is unthinkable for others it is a logical progression.

Prashant is from Expats is it time to trade in your passport and go Dutch?India and has been in the Netherlands for eight years.

“It was a very hard and difficult decision but I have been in this country for eight years and I have started my own company and I am so much in love with this city [The Hague] and country.”

After wrestling with the decision he made the switch and gave up his Indian passport.

“I felt like I also wanted to give something back to the Netherlands,” says the businessman.

So what do you miss?

“I am very interested in politics and now I am not allowed to vote anymore in India, so that is something. Nothing changes with your family or such, so that is okay.”

“But some friends had a problem with it and started thinking of me as a non-India person. When I informed my friends about it a few were not happy, some said ‘how can you do that – don’t you like India anymore?’ “

“But, of course I still like India it’s just that I feel more at home here than India now.”

Expats is it time to trade in your passport and go Dutch? Where do you stand?

I would never give up my British passport

Simon from the UK is firmly in the camp of no, never, absolutely not.Expats is it time to trade in your passport and go Dutch?

“I am British and I do not want to be Dutch. I am quite happy being British abroad.”

“I can’t ever see myself giving up my British passport – it just wouldn’t feel right.”

“I don’t see why this would ever be necessary – I can do whatever I want living in Amsterdam as a Brit.”

And Brexit then – might that not be a reason to consider going Dutch?

“Even with Brexit I am sure that one way or another things will flesh themselves out and people already here will be allowed to stay.”“Maybe we will have to go back to residence permits and work permits, if so then so be it.”

So where do you stand on this issue – would you ever consider it? And why is nationality such a loaded subject anyway?

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