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Here in Holland (HiH) the podcast in English about life with the Dutch.

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Here in Holland podcasts are designed to help you enjoy life in the Netherlands. Whether you are looking for things to do, have questions about the Dutch workplace, education or culture then the podcast will help. You can share your experiences too – you are not on your own.

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Guide to the Netherlands

What is the best Dutch food to eat, where can I get advice on the rules for business in the Netherlands, what about Dutch tax rules, am I eligible for the 30% ruling in the Netherlands, and what are the best places to visit in the Netherlands when visitors arrive?

Week by week the HiH podcast features interviews with leading experts with years of experience of helping expats just like you to settle in and feel at home.

Future expat in the Netherlands

Thinking of moving to the Netherlands? Then the podcasts area great way for you to get a good introduction and get up to speed before you arrive. Hear from people who have made the move already and experts giving you the inside info you need.

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Here in Holland Podcasts - windmill sunset NetherlandsDon’t know how it works – that’s okay a lot of people are not yet fully up to speed on podcasting.

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Please send your suggestions for topics for the Here in Holland podcast – leave a comment below or send me a mail at – or pitch via Whats App 06 124 28 387 – send or comment or better still an audio anecdote to use in the show.

The Netherlands is a great place and even greater with the inside track you get from the Here in Holland podcasts.